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A while back, I did a comparison of three major clothing subscription boxes: Front Door Fashion, Stitch Fix, and Wantable:

Front Door Fashion has probably become one of my most FAVORITE subscription boxes. Since the time of writing my original review, I have some more things that I love:

  • NO STYLING FEE! This is different than Stitch Fix.
  • My stylist MESSAGES me and communicates well. If there’s a specific piece I’m looking for or a new look I want to try, she’s ALL IN.
  • I can choose my stylist. On Front Door Fashion’s website, you can read about different stylists and choose one who most matches what you’re looking for!
  • Each box contains several outfits to try AND jewelry! There’s a letter included on how to style each outfit and when/where to wear them, as well as even what shoes would look great with! So fun!
  • BECAUSE there are several outfits, you are likely to find at least one thing that you love.
  • And, again…if you keep nothing, no charge! (They hold $100 on your credit card but refund it if you buy nothing!) So…RISK FREE!!
  • The more you buy, the more discounts you get!
  • As a single mom of 5 kids, sometimes I need clothes but can’t find time to go shopping from store to store. I love that I can try clothing lines not offered locally AND that the prices are comparative to others…meaning, they don’t try to upcharge everything.
  • Also, Front Door Fashion has a GREAT referral system! They even start you off with freebies when you use a referral code to sign up – Here’s mine to start you off!

Money Saving Tips for Front Door Fashion

  • Ask your stylist for clothes that can be worn and transformed throughout the seasons to get more wear out of your pieces. Ask them to also include HOW you can change this throughout the seasons! They will!
  • Ask for classic pieces with some “pop” pieces. This helps you wear your pieces in a lot of different ways with the ability to constantly change things up!…for LESS!
  • If you are on a budget, tell your stylist you prefer lower cost items but that you are willing to consider a little more on pieces that are super versatile!
  • Use my Referral code and then hand out yours to your friends and post on Social Media! You can earn lots of free outfits, which is always fun!
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