About Me

Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Ashley.

And, this is my blog (which you probably figured out).

I’m a Kentucky-born-and-raised single-ish (as in, no longer married) sarcastic momma to 5 littles.

I’m a published writer, a reader, a life coach, encourager, laugh-out-louder, and a finder of beauty.  I’m a Jesus follower, justice-seeker, coffee-drinker, dessert-lover.  I’m a dreamer and analyzer.  A creator, painter, a hope-filled, compassionate truth-teller.  I love big and wide and I screw things up daily.  I’m imperfect, chaotic, and messy, but I never stop trying.

I used to blog over at the popular bosssanders.com, but after a 3 year hiatus…I’M BACK.  Starting over – new life, new name.

Sometimes LIFE gives you lemons, but after a while, you might figure out Lemonade is for wusses.  I’ll never stop looking for the positive, but sometimes, when life throws you too many lemons, it’s time to stand up and throw a few back, and make a bit of a stronger drink (vodka lemonade?).  Life takes COURAGE and BRAVERY, and a little bit of sugar can’t…and shouldn’t…make everything sweet.

Welcome to our journey.  Herein, you’ll find musings of a mom just trying to keep it all together.  You’ll see our homesteading love meet city-living, my favorite recipes, life with 5 littles, and our daily digging in the deep to find the beautiful among ashes.

So, grab a glass of Bootleg Lemonade (because Lemonade is for wusses) – we’re all friends, here!