The Expert’s Guide To The Narcissist’s Abuse Cycle

You’ve identified him/her as a Narcissist. If you’re in a romantic relationship with said narcissist, you’ll probably also relate to the Narcissist’s Abuse Cycle because while the details may vary, usually the main components of the cycle stay the same. Pre-Cycle – Grooming. During this period of time, the narcissist begins choosing and preparing their …

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Dear You,

You are a warrior. A survivor. You have picked up the broken pieces of your heart and put them back together. You have been burned, but you got back up like a mosaic phoenix, rising from the ashes. You have conquered the unimaginable. I know there are days where you feel lost and broken, but …

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I’m Not Sorry

Fourteen. It’s the number of years that I stayed, through thick and thin. Through the droughts and the waves that almost drowned me as you held me under the rushing waters. But, I stayed. And, I’m not sorry. Five. The number of children who call me mommy. Still, countless more that I mothered in our …

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