Subscription Boxes – Front Door Fashion

A while back, I did a comparison of three major clothing subscription boxes: Front Door Fashion, Stitch Fix, and Wantable: Front Door Fashion has probably become one of my most FAVORITE subscription boxes. Since the time of writing my original review, I have some more things that I love: NO STYLING FEE! This is …

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Do It Afraid

“But, mom,” she said, “You just don’t understand. It scares me.” My daughter, with her beautiful eyes, looked up at me and with all the bravery she could muster and came clean about her secret fears and anxieties. The most surprising part was that she thought I wouldn’t understand. It’s surprising because I feel like …

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Have A Drink

We were sitting on the edge of my bed when she looked at me with those big hazel eyes, “Mama, why do people hate me?” Taken aback, I looked at her intently and asked, “I doubt anyone could hate you. Why do you think that?” And then she told me. The whispers, the sneers, and …

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The Expert’s Guide To The Narcissist’s Abuse Cycle

You’ve identified him/her as a Narcissist. If you’re in a romantic relationship with said narcissist, you’ll probably also relate to the Narcissist’s Abuse Cycle because while the details may vary, usually the main components of the cycle stay the same. Pre-Cycle – Grooming. During this period of time, the narcissist begins choosing and preparing their …

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