A Slice Of My Day – October 10, 2019

Outside my window… It’s 70 degrees, with highs in 80s. Warmer than it has been over the last few days, but I’ll still take it! I REALLY wish these darn mosquitoes would just go ahead and DIE!
I am thinking… that I’m really TIRED!! I didn’t sleep well, last night. Also, I’m gearing up for a giveaway! As soon as we reach 100 likes on our facebook page!
One of my favorite things… L’Ange Hair Care products and Tools. They are a bit on the pricier end and usually out of my reach, but right now they are having a HUGE sale!! I really like their straightener and their multi piece curling rods! Their heat shield and dry shampoo are awesome, too. Finally! Something that will keep a curl in my hair!! Use this link and we both get points! Also, be sure to look for FALL SALE. Do not pay regular price right now!!

I am wearing… a Tshirt. That’s all I’m saying.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to :
Well, I JUST finished my first block of classes for FALL yesterday, SO I’m currently resting my brain. I have a huge stack of books to read, though.

I am hoping… for a nap? LOL and… I MUST get my living room organized (it looks like my storage unit exploded in it!) and get the floors shampooed throughout the house
I am learning… that Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome is NO JOKE! Symptoms can come out of nowhere!!! And, it can last for a long time!
In my kitchenLast night, we had awesome chili, YUM! Tonight, probably a casserole dish! Or, chili and hot dogs or baked potatoes! lol

In the school room My kiddos are still in school but FALL BREAK is this week. I’m technically on fall break, too!

In my garden…Apparently, squirrels and birds are loving some of our cantaloupe. The garden is dwindling down.

Something I’m excited to try
I’m excited to try…sleeping? Lol

A favorite Quote
Make time for your health now, or make time for your illness later.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with symptoms from a TBI and it’s been so hard for me to just SLOOOOOOWWW down and rest when my brain just can’t do more. I feel like such a failure and don’t want people to think I’m LAZY, but the truth is that if I push myself to do that one more thing, I WILL pay for it. I’ll get super sick for much longer.

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