A Slice Of My Day – August 15, 2019

Outside my window… The sun is shining and it’s 82 degrees outside. 🙂
I am thinking… about all of the things that I need to do!
I am thankful for…for chances to start over and begin again.
One of my favorite things… Panda Planner!

I love all of the pages for really just taking control of your day and being INTENTIONAL. It reframes things positively, so hard days can still be beautiful. I love that. Comes in many colors! This is my favorite version, although they have several!
I am creating…

I am wearing… a camo shirt, jean shorts, and a dainty necklace

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to :

100 Days To Brave. It’s a devotional with challenges for each day. It’s simple yet goes deep. I love it! I’d love for you to order one and do it with me!! How fun would that be?!

Also great…ist this book!:

I am hoping… for a nap? LOL but also…I’m super excited about some things coming up!
I am learning… that crossroads are hard, but necessary.
In my kitchenTonight, we are having tacos! Hooray! Check out my post from earlier today, though, for YUMMY AWESOME lasagna!!

In the school room The kids have loved being back in school (we’re all nerds like that!) And, to be honest, I really do miss homeschooling them, sometimes. Next week, my classes start! I’m pretty excited but not so excited that my books are online based. ICK. My eyes!!

In my garden…Fresh tomatoes…yum.

Something I’m excited to try…
Going back to school as a single mom of 5 kids!! Pretty exciting!

A favorite Quote…
“When a child is learning how to walk and falls down 50 times, they never think to themselves, ‘maybe this isn’t for me.’

That’s powerful stuff!!!

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1 thought on “A Slice Of My Day – August 15, 2019”

  1. Outside my window… Is wonky grass because our lawnmower is out of commission

    I am thinking… I’m doing my Best to not think and watch house hunters

    I am thankful for…a great weekend with my kiddos

    One of my favorite things… freshly vacuumed floors (thanks to Eric!)

    I am creating…not sure I’m creating anything lol

    I am wearing… purple shirt, and pajama pants

    I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to :
    reading, “In His Image” by Jen Wilken, watching when we get a chance (maybe twice a week) the flash on Netflix. Listening to, the new killswitch engage album (still miss Howard though I’m thankful he’s got a little cameo )

    Also great…ist this book!: I’m a one book at a time person

    I am hoping…for a smooth week

    I am learning…how to make good forts as Eric is educating me on his pretend YouTube show “extreme fortings”

    In my kitchen…It was going to be meatloaf but i started making it and I’m out of crackers and breadcrumbs, so that is saved for tomorrow and tonight was frozen pizza lol

    In the school room …Senior, junior and 6th grader. My high schoolers are both taking college classes and they love it, but adjusting to new time management and homework loads. So far middle school is a smooth ride

    In my garden…Zero garden. I’m so bad with plants I even accidentally butchered our grass.

    Something I’m excited to try…the ancho honey wings at wingstop next time I go

    A favorite Quote…
    Currently, lines from “Christ the sure and steady anchor” song by Matt Boswell.
    “Christ the sure and steady anchor,
    Through the floods of unbelief;
    Hopeless somehow, O my soul, now,
    Lift your eyes to Calvary.
    This my ballast of assurance,
    See his love forever proved.
    I will hold fast to the anchor,
    It will never be removed”

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