Back Again

The first post is always the hardest. A blank screen and so much to say, but where to start?

So, I figured I might as well start where I last left off (from my previous blog,

2016 was a year of many changes. It was the year my previous blog unexpectedly became no more. The year we welcomed a new baby via an emergency C-section and a long, hard recovery. It was the year we bought my dream home and began homesteading. It was the year we moved towns and homeschooling groups. It was the year of the tornado that tore through our barns and fences. It was the year of destruction, but it was also the year of new life and new hope.

Fast-forward to 2018. In 2018, secrets came to light. The man who raped me came back. Truths hidden from me in my marriage crashed through, coming into full view. And, this time…I stood up. I fought back. In April, my children and I fled our home to start over. It was the year of unearthed secrets. The year of tear-stained pillows and silent screams. It was the year of starting over. New city. Changing to public school. Making new friends. Re-acquainting with old ones. The year of persisting. The year of not giving up. The year of GRIT.

2019 came swiftly and quietly. Thankfully. THIS is the year of THRIVING, rather than just SURVIVING. This is the year of hope and new beginnings as we dig our heels in deep and let ourselves hope and dream again. I’m BACK. And, I am super excited to be here!

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