Dear You,

You are a warrior. A survivor. You have picked up the broken pieces of your heart and put them back together. You have been burned, but you got back up like a mosaic phoenix, rising from the ashes. You have conquered the unimaginable. I know there are days where you feel lost and broken, but …

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I’m Not Sorry

Fourteen. It’s the number of years that I stayed, through thick and thin. Through the droughts and the waves that almost drowned me as you held me under the rushing waters. But, I stayed. And, I’m not sorry. Five. The number of children who call me mommy. Still, countless more that I mothered in our …

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Back Again

The first post is always the hardest. A blank screen and so much to say, but where to start? So, I figured I might as well start where I last left off (from my previous blog, 2016 was a year of many changes. It was the year my previous blog unexpectedly became no more. …

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