A Slice Of My Day — August 8, 2019

Outside my window… we are in Kentucky, so it’s sticky humid and hot. BLECH!
I am thinking… that I need a NAP!
I am thankful for…so many things! My kids, educational opportunities (they start school again tomorrow, and my classes begin Monday!), and INTERNET. Also, Amazon, my go-to shopping site! LOL

One of my favorite things… Front Door Fashion (did a review of it, here)
I am creatingJust created these:

See more info, here!

I am wearing… Nothing cute, today! Just a turquoise top and navy athletic shorts.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to {share favorite titles, give a book review or pass along a current movie, podcast, music video, or television series you are enjoying}… It’s naptime for the kids so I’m watching Mr. Iglesias on Netflix. Last night, I finished the series Somewhere Between.

I am hoping… still hoping for that nap! Ha!
I am learning… I’m currently being schooled by my kiddos on Shakespearean insults because I told them that if they were going to argue, they had to do it Shakespeare style. Ohhhh, the things we parents do to amuse ourselves. In great news, they can barely get through a long-winded insult without laughing their heads off.
In my kitchen {share your kitchen adventures, weekly menu, as well as recipes}
T-Sandwich Bar
W-Chicken and Dressing and Green Beans
Th-Sloppy Joes
F-Undecided, kids go to their dad’s 🙁

In the school room {share your child’s –OR YOURS—school moments…whatever that may look like for your family}… It’s the last day of summer vacation for the kids, today! So, we are all prepping for school!!

In my garden {document what is happening in your flower/vegetable garden}… We have tomatoes, lima beans, cherry tomatoes, okra, and cucumbers. Our squash didn’t make it 🙁 Our worm bin is thriving, and we’ve started a compost pile.

Something I’m excited to try
Ordered this and am SO excited to try it!! I’m trying to rediscover ME and set goals and be PRESENT and PURPOSEFUL!

A favorite Quote… I’m not sure who said it, but: “Be stronger than your strongest excuse.”
A moment from my day

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